To the moon

Today, Observatory Press is Kickstarter's featured project in the Publishing category. This is a hard spot to get, and we are extremely proud that our project was selected.

With only 9 days left, our goal is starting to look a bit ambitious, but we still have hope that people will sit up and take notice soon, and momentum will pick up in the last week.

We always knew our goal was ambitious, but hey, you never know what's possible until you try, right? The core philosophy of OP is to pull fascinating books out of the void and make them beautiful again. Make them collectable. Make them real. That was always going to be an expensive process, but we believe in our cause, and we believe there's an audience out there that feels the same.

If you've been meaning to back the Kickstarter, or to share it with someone you know, now's the time to do it – we can still make it. There's still time.

If you like good books – if you crave the escape, the adventure, the characters and the words – if you judge books by their covers, and annoy your friends by refusing to leave a bookshop until you've picked up each book in turn to feel its weight, and smell the ink that's shaped into a story that might just change your life, step this way.