Introducing our contributors: George Chislett

George Chislett is an illustrator based in Bristol, and the second contributor that we’d like to introduce you to. We knew we wanted to work with George as soon as we set eyes on his whimsical, textured and beautiful illustrations. (And it’s thanks to him that we have our fabulous logo!) Part of the Drawn in Bristol collective, George’s work can be found adorning various magazines, and he recently exhibited a series of pieces under the title, ‘Monsters Are Real’. Check out other gorgeous pieces by him over on his website.

Your illustration often involves the use of many layers, details and textures. What is it about these techniques that appeals to you?

I like it use these multiple layers and textures to create atmosphere in my work. Having different layers that are set at different opacities and layered in the right order can create very real depth from what is actually only some blocks of textures and mark-making. I like to think it is a good way of combining hand drawn shapes and characters with hand-made or collected textures, which I then composite and adjust in Photoshop. This means my work has the best elements of my hand-drawn skills, whilst still being digital and very adjustable.

What inspires you in your creative work?

Many things. I find the animal kingdom and nature very inspirational. I don’t think I'll ever stop being amazed by animals, which is why I loved doing this cover so much! I also have a lot of time for story books and tales, the more whimsical the better. Any story you can get lost in or characters you believe in are always so inspirational for me.

What are the main themes that you like to explore in your work?

I enjoy narratives, oversized animals and beasts, robotics, legendary old guys with beards and mountains... but I am still exploring!

Are you a science fiction fan? If so, what’s your favourite science fiction book or film?

I am, but maybe not in the classical sense. My favourite book would have to be The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. My favourite film would be very hard. I think it’s too close to call between so many! I actually enjoy science fiction the most in gaming. Although I never really have time to anymore, the stories in Final Fantasy 7 and 10, Fallout 3 and Halo will always be favourites of mine.

Aliens or robots?

Big animal robots, hands down.

You time travel 100 years into the future. What’s it like?

Well, we have our first hoverboards now, so in 100 years I imagine those will be fairly mainstream, which will be cool. I would love to look forward with the optimism of Space: 1999 and say there will be transport tubes like in Futurama, but, realistically, it will probably be much the same, only with more technology and less face-to-face human interaction.

If you were an emoji, which one would you be? Nick would be ‘Information Desk Person’ and Ella would be ‘Nail Polish’.

‘Tempura Prawn’. Always the tempura prawn, for no good reason other than I think it’s the one of the best ones out there and it’s notoriously overlooked and underrated. It just rounds off any message really nicely. I also like dim sum a lot.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I have a few illustration projects lined up, but first and foremost would be my ethical clothing line that I have launched recently: It’s ethically sourced and locally printed in Bristol with 20% of every sale going to charity. Things have been going well in the run up to Christmas, and many lines sold out recently due to all the festive shopping! Hopefully 2015 will be a good year for the brand!